Have you ever wanted to be somewhere where you could just lay all night and stare to the night skies? I have always feeling that way. As we grow older, keeping ourselves with busy schedules and routine of life, we sorta need a break and relax. I could tell, most of us wanting to be in the cold blue oceans, sleep by the sound of nature. I do, I want it. Life goes on really, without us realising most of the times we barely use that spare quality times with the loved ones, putting up some effort just to make strangers smiling across the road by saying Hi. It simple really, if only we enjoy every minute of it just to love laugh and smile. Each of us has our own challenges in life, I am not excluded. Life gets tough, but really if people care you're being fat, or if they think your clothes are bad. They aint worth your time. For all these years you've been silent and trying to please everyone, its time for a change. Change is good. Choosy is good if you're living a happy life. Dont live up with people's expectations, live up your dreams cos you'll live once and the truth is, not all deserve to be pleased. People change, but change yourself for a betterment despite you hear all of those bishyyy backbitetalking. Prove that they are wrong, you are so much better only with a small bunch of trustworthy bestfriends and families that will stick around throughout your ups and lows. We all have a life to live, do it in your own way and thats what defines yourself, yourself is Unique. Mwah